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Does Cannabis Help Prevent Coronavirus?

This weeks blogs explores the current studies surrounding properties in cannabis and how they can help prevent coronavirus. The advent of the coronavirus like most virus infections made the world tremble. Causing doctors, physicians, nations, and concerned individuals and organizations to put their heads together and fight the common enemy, Covid-19. With a certified and […]

Cannabis and Sleep

Today we live in a fast-paced society where everyone is working to fend for the family. While this circle is normal for most family heads, this constant hustle to make it easy for the family most often comes at a cost. While this comes with a lot of stress to some in accrued cases, there […]

Can Smoking Weed Improve Your Workouts?

Ever since cannabis was legalized for medical and recreational uses in a wide array of provinces in Canada, there has been an increase in demand for weed and cannabis-induced products. Although there are persons who recognize weed merely for its psychoactive properties (high feeling) thanks to its THC content, the CBD component of this plant […]

History of Cannabis in Canada.

Join us in this weeks blog as we dive into the legalization history of cannabis in Canada! Decades ago before the legalization of cannabis, the perception of a many towards those consuming cannabis wasn’t ideal. This is evident considering a wide array of persons who consumed this drug were perceived to be criminals or persons […]

Marijuana Edibles: Pro’s and Con’s

Based on an article published by the Medical Marijuana Review, the edible trade has witnessed record-high demand in recent times. Based on the review, this was triggered by not just the popularity of the edibles but also the number of users interested in having a taste of goodies that are cannabis-induced. Alongside the medicinal uses […]

Cannabis Laws in Canada

The rise of cannabis in recent times is credited to the medicinal potencies in cannabis as well as the lucrative nature of the industry itself. While the banking, insurance, and manufacturing industries are taking the world by storm while grabbing all the positive headlines, the cannabis industry isn’t far behind. Within this article we will […]